Bad Zurzach eastern bypass

Around 10,000 cars drove through the middle of the old town of Bad Zurzach every day. The new eastern bypass has relieved the pressure on the town's historic center. The central component is a new, approximately 500-meter-long cut-and-cover tunnel. Basler & Hofmann was responsible for the overall management from the preliminary project to commissioning.

The bypass around the historic "Flecken" district increased the attractiveness of Bad Zurzach as a place to live and work. Basler & Hofmann was responsible for the overall management of the project from the preliminary project to commissioning. A new two-lane road around one kilometer long was built for the bypass in the east of the town. This directs north-south traffic out of the town center. As the route lies in a slope cut, a permanently anchored retaining wall had to be built over a length of just over 100 meters. The heart of the project begins after the retaining walls: a 527-metre cut-and-cover tunnel, which is also located in the slope. The cut-and-cover method was chosen as the construction method. A total of 1,143 in-situ concrete bored piles served on the one hand as excavation support and on the other as walls for the tunnel. An approximately one and a half meter thick, partially transversely prestressed tunnel ceiling was built on the bored piles. The tunnel could be excavated under the "protection" of this. A meeting zone with paths for pedestrian and bicycle traffic was created on the tunnel.

An SBB railroad bridge also had to be replaced as part of the new construction. A particular highlight during the construction work was the lifting of the new 210-tonne trough bridge with a span of 17 meters during a weekend closure.

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  • Overall management from preliminary project to commissioning
  • Project management in the disciplines of geotechnics, structural civil engineering, roads and highways, tunnelling and service pipes from project planning through invitation to tender to implementation
  • Client surveying.


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