Balm Bridge Meiringen

As part of the Hasliaare flood protection project, the existing girder bridge from 1964 is being replaced by a modern three-span frame bridge. The new bridge is being planned and constructed entirely using BIM.

The new girder bridge in Meiringen is designed as a three-span integral frame bridge for a pressurized flood discharge. The superstructure consists of a longitudinally prestressed slab cross-section. The foundations are on bored piles.

At the beginning of the project, a digital terrain model was created, which served as the basis for the alignment and modelling of the optimized road course. Basler & Hofmann modeled the new 65-meter-long bridge with a main span of 34 meters. The various specialist models were coordinated using the open IFC file format on a cloud-based collaboration platform, which allowed the foreman, planners and site managers to access the same up-to-date data at all times.

The canton of Bern used the project as a pilot project for the use of BIM in infrastructure construction. The findings are being incorporated into the cantonal BIM strategy.

Our services

  • Variant study
  • Preliminary project, construction project, circulation project, submission, implementation project
  • local construction management and commissioning
  • BIM consulting and BIM planning from the construction project up to and including commissioning, including creation of a digital terrain model
  • Soil science construction supervision.


Civil Engineering Office Canton of Berne


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