Professional and personal development

We work with very flat hierarchies, in which everyone can have their say and contribute. We see this as a strength. As a result, there is no classic “career ladder” in our company – but a vast range of possibilities for development.


New assignments in project work

Our projects involve a wide range of tasks: from consulting, planning, designing  and expert evaluations to project management and site supervision. Anyone working with us in one discipline has the opportunity to move into another. For example, someone currently involved in  design might like to try their hand at site management. An individual who has supervised a subproject may take the next step into leading the overall project.

The range and size of our projects offer plenty of opportunities for personal development for our staff at every stage of their career.


The Basler & Hofmann Academy

The Basler & Hofmann academy offers its own training programme consisting of several different modules, ranging from the principles of project management to issues of leadership.


Advanced technical training

There are various different possibilities available for professional development: we hold internal specialist symposia in various subject areas in which the focus is on the exchange of best-practice examples. In addition to this, Basler & Hofmann also supports external advanced training and participation in specialist conferences.


Gaining expertise: innovation projects

Countless innovation projects have already been completed in the history of Basler & Hofmann, and all of them started with the good idea of an employee. This may involve the development of a new process or tool, launching a new service or opening up a new market segment. Anyone who presents a convincing concept receives an innovation budget.